The University of Northwestern – St. Paul offers a wide variety of options for students interested in studying abroad. Many students pursue semester-long programs located in European countries. Elsa Dyk is doing something else. Dyk is a junior Intercultural Studies and English Teaching major who will be traveling to Thailand this summer for an internship.

Thailand is a country located at the center of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia, and is known for its natural beauty which attracts international tourism, but also for its unstable government.

Dyk will be teaching students at Santisuk English School in Bangkok where she said, “the role of teachers is to be educators and ministers of the Gospel.” At this school the expectation is for teachers to invest in their students far more than is typical for American public school teachers.

Dyk explained, “Fridays and weekends are intended to be days when teachers hang out with students outside of the classroom, so my goal is to make some friends and let my light shine before them and praise God.”

Several Northwestern students have taught at Santisuk on previous ICS trips but this summer Dyk will be traveling alone. She explained that she is, “excited (but a little terrified!) to go alone” because it means she will only have her student and fellow teachers to spend time with.

Dyk will be teaching students at various levels, ranging from junior high to college and university students, emphasizing conversational English.

Dyk has a blog, “” documenting her pre-trip prep that she will continue to update once she is in Thailand and she encourages everyone to check it out.

by Elizabeth Arehart

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