by Jessica Thomas
Assistant News Editor


Brianna Silvers is a freshman biology major (photo courtesy of Brianna Silvers)

Recently, the University of Northwestern – St. Paul community welcomed two new senators into the student government. After enduring the campaign process and waiting for the votes to come in, Brianna Silvers and Benjamin Mueller have emerged victorious as this year’s new student body senators.

Both of these students have big plans for their time as members of student government and plan to make the most of the experience. “I’d love for there to be a composting program on campus,” said Silvers, “but beyond that, I’m really open to whatever students find as an issue and whatever they want to accomplish.”

In his role as leader of commuter relations, Mueller said, “My goal is to work towards creating a commuter lounge where commuters can congregate and find community.” He also commented, “I would like to assure the student body that student government is working hard this year to be more transparent and informative. We will be working on populating social media with more updates on what we are working on to better communicate with the students.”

Of course, before they could take on the role of senator, they had to win the title through an election conducted by email. Prior to the election day, many of the candidates made an effort to campaign to the student body, and Silvers and Mueller clearly made a good impression on their fellow students. Mueller said, “For me, running consisted of designing and hanging posters and talking to students, especially those in my classes. It was essentially a word-of-mouth campaign.”


Benjamin Mueller is a freshman history major (photo courtesy of Benjamin Mueller)

Silvers recalled, “I started out by making a campaign page on Facebook, and my roommate, who’s a photographer, helped me make posters to hang up around the academic and dorm buildings. The most tedious, but also the most fun, part was campaigning personally at people’s dorm doors. I went door-to-door with candy, and that kind of helped people know my name and get the word out.”

The new senators would not have come so far without that initial drive that gave them the desire to campaign. “Originally, I wanted to join to implement composting on campus,” Silvers said. “At first, I was just going to talk to student government about it, but then I was like, ‘Hey, if there are positions open, I might as well run.’ I went back and forth, but God just kept calling me back to it, so I decided to run, and it was the best decision of my life.”

Mueller’s inspiration to run for student government originated from his background as both a transfer student and a commuter. “I wanted to become more involved in the Northwestern community,” he said. “Not only did student government provide this opportunity, but it also gave me the opportunity to invest in the community and the institution.”

So far, both students have been greatly enjoying their time as a part of student government, although more and bigger opportunities within it are sure to come. According to Silvers, “So far it hasn’t really gone in depth yet; we haven’t started working with our specific committees, but everyone there has been super nice, and I’m really excited to get into the more technical stuff.”

“Up to this point, I could not be more pleased by the welcoming spirit of those in student government, their passion for serving, and their love for Christ,” Mueller added. “It is a very professional environment, and all the members really care about the student body and maintaining the integrity of the school.”

Mueller and Silvers are prepared to serve and lead this year, and they are dedicated to growing the Northwestern community in new and positive ways.

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