The eagles softball team will play several games in Florida which will help prepare them for conference games later in the season (photo courtesy of

The eagles softball team will play several games in Florida which will help prepare them for conference games later in the season (photo courtesy of

by Amanda Yates 

This season, the University of Northwestern – St. Paul women’s softball team looks forward to a promising season both on and off the field.

According to the pre-season polls, the Northwestern softball team is expected to rank third in their conference.  The team kicked off their season with a game in the Dundas Dome on Feb. 23. Their next two games will be in the Rochester Dome before they head to Florida to begin their spring training games.

The thing that makes this team remarkable is their behind-the-scenes support for each other and commitment to maintaining a loving and Christ-centered community.

During the preseason, the team went on monthly service projects together to build unity and servanthood.  The team begins each practice with a team devotional.  Every week they split into accountability groups of three or four to meet and talk about their lives in general and their relationships with the Lord.

Lexi Kopacek, a freshman public relations major and pitcher for the team, gave some remarks about how being a player on this team has strengthened her as a softball pitcher and in her spiritual life.

Kopacek said, “As a softball player, my pitching has gotten faster.  I’m hitting my spots better.  Concerning my faith, these girls love God and love each other so I’ve really learned how to trust the process and trust God.  I’m starting to read my Bible more on my own and doing more of those things because I’m seeing the other girls doing it.”

The women are all looking forward to their trip to Florida over spring break.  Their games will take place in Clermont, Florida from Thursday, March 8 to Saturday, March 18.  This is a special time for players not only because of the back-to-back softball games, warm weather and close proximity to a beach, but also because of the quality time spent together and with each other’s families.

There will be two off-days for the players to attend church, spend time together as a team and explore Florida with their families who travel all the way down to Florida to watch their games.  On Sunday, the players will attend church together and afterward attend a family brunch.  The rest of the day is family time for the women and their families.  The second free day is a mystery to all the freshman and new players on the team this year.  No information is known about this time other than that it is a team activity day, and it is “super fun.”

The Eagles’ softball team will play with mostly east coast teams from secular schools during the Florida trip.  They will seek to glorify God be a light to everyone they play.

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