by Nick Swore

group photo in football dome

Athletes from the University of Northwestern – St. Paul were able to help out at the Super Bowl working in various positions including volunteer positions and security staff jobs. These students were able to attend some of the game and interact with various Super Bowl activities (photo courtesy of University of Northwestern Athletics).

Super Bowl Sunday is always a very important day in America, but it was even more important in Minnesota this year. The Super Bowl took place Feb. 4 in Minneapolis at US Bank Stadium. Nearly 1 million people attended the 10 days of Super Bowl events. About a quarter of the people who attended came from out of town and from around 100 different countries. When there are this many people who are going to be attending an event there needs to be some help.

‘I had an NFL player pat me on the back and got a picture with famous actor [Miles Teller] in the same day, so I would say it was overall a un experience. -Carter Michaelson

For the big game in Minneapolis, thousands of people signed up to be volunteers. Countless people applied and many were turned down. For many students at the University of Northwestern St. Paul, this wasn’t the case. Around 60 students had the opportunity to volunteer for various events including Super Bowl live, skyway host, ticket takers and security. Many of these students were even able to attend some of the game. One of the students who volunteered was Roger Carlson. He said, “My favorite part about volunteering was that I was able to get into the game for free. A lot of people paid thousands of dollars to get in, so even though I only got to watch half the game, it was definitely worth it.”

The Super Bowl is the biggest football game of the year and one of the biggest events in America. People pay insane amounts of money to see the game, so it was pretty special for some students who wouldn’t normally be able to attend a game like this.

Many of the people who attended the game were wealthy business professional, athletes, celebrities and other famous people. When you’re helping out at the most popular sporting events in the country you will see just about anyone from an average football fan to Miles Teller, a famous actor and Eagles fan. For Northwestern sophomore Carter Michaelson this was true. “This whole experience was super cool. I got to see G Eazy, Joel Embiid, Miles Teller and Josh Norman. I had an NFL player [Josh Norman] pat me on the back and got a picture with famous actor [Miles Teller] in the same day, so I would say it was overall a fun experience,” said Michaelson. Not many people can say they have had an experience like that.

The students who participated in volunteering got these opportunities in a few different ways. Some of them had to apply and go through an interview process while others got the opportunity through Northwestern. For one Northwestern student it was different. Beau Walter, a senior at Northwestern, wasn’t volunteering but he still did his part. He was on security staff at US Bank Stadium. He worked every one of the Vikings home games for the football season and got the opportunity to do the same thing at the Super Bowl. Walter was on the New England Patriots sideline for the game making sure fans did not do anything out of the ordinary. Thanks to these many Northwestern students, the Super Bowl in Minneapolis was a success.

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